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Zanda Kalniņa-LukaševicaZanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia

Welcome greetings!

Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Parliamentary Secretary

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Claudio KavrecicClaudio Kavrecic

FRONTEX outlook: activities to counter document and identity fraud

Downstream in the identity chain, the activities of European border guards are mainly oriented to facilitate border crossing and ensure the integrity of the external borders of the Union. As there is no border control without document and identity checks. Frontex and Centre of Excellence for combatting Document Fraud will continue to give practical implementation to the border control component of the EU Commission Action Plan to Strengthen the EU Response to Travel Document Fraud
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David GerulskiDavid Gerulski
Integrated Biometrics

COVID-19: Its Effect on Contact Identity Solutions

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, contact biometric devices, as well as a plethora of public touch points (doors, escalator handles, elevator buttons, etc.) have come under extreme scrutiny for their potential to transfer the often-deadly Coronavirus. And though early in the pandemic the CDC confirmed viral spread via airborne particles rather than through touch, many continue to shun public contact points. Over the past two years, the Coronavirus has been both an obstacle impeding the global implementation of enrollment and verification programs and an accelerant for the development of new solutions that will forever change the way we interact with biometric devices. In particular, there has been a rapid, sometimes dangerous acceptance of contactless biometric solutions—solutions that have potential civil liberty implications, solutions that sometimes ignore the basic security practices biometric devices were created to ensure, and solutions that are easily manipulated to skirt the positive identification they were created to enable. This presentation will address the virus’s effect on the industry and explore both issues and advancements caused by Covid-19 in biometric enrollment, identification, and verification.

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Sergey YeliseyevSergey Yeliseyev
X Infotech

Trends in digital identity and electronic payments

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Udo SommerUdo Sommer
Infineon Technologies

Scalable and adaptive solutions for electronic ID documents

The trend for electronic Government documents is growing fast and faster. Therefore many Governments/ customers are looking for an adaptive, expandable HW/ SW solution. Starting with one or two applications (e.g. ePassports, eID) and adding later more features or documents (e.g. eTax, eHealth, eDrivers License, etc.) on the same existing platform would make the implementation significantly easier.

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Janos FrissJanos Friss
Jura JSP

How to help document verification with graphic-arts features

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Katia LeivaKatia Leiva

Dual Interface eID cards: innovative solutions for security and enablers of Digital ID – case study

Most citizen ID cards go electronic thanks to modern e-components. Through a case study, SPS SURYS will present their innovative and sophisticated security solutions combined with inductive coupling technology. This results in a robust, reliable and NFC compatible eID card enabling the creation of a Digital ID to access e-services.

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Dilnesaw Israel (PhD Candidate)Dilnesaw Israel (PhD Candidate)
Ethiopian Prime Ministers Office

African Challenges of Digital ID

According to the studies of World BADK 2021, close to 1billion people is living without an official proof of identity worldwide and an estimation of 500 million people in Africa, living without any form of legal identification including birth certificate or national ID. From this data close to half of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa, where almost one in two people lack an ID. Sub Saharan Africa is home to one half of the global population without an ID, while it is home to only about one-sixth of the world’s total population. However, poor countries are not being able to providing citizens the proof of their legal existence and identity through digital platform and depreciate an effort to combat structural poverty, statelessness and social exclusion. According to this study, the main problems of African digital identification problems are lack of inclusion, challenges of connectivity, lack of comprehensive privacy data protection legal frame works, less practicability of digital id system, absence of social policy which deliberately stand for poor and vulnerable populations including indigenous and Afro descended people and women. Therefore the challenges and failure risk of African digital identification platform can be mitigated by adopting key roles that have emerged from the collective experience of digital ID implementations of developed countries, through providing robust policy framework, overcoming obstacles lack of digital inclusion, give attention to privacy and data protection and limit the scope of identity data capture in order to gain public trust, establish supportive institutional and legislative frameworks in participatory approach, Promote a competitive identity marketplace, Strengthen the digital ID business case by building areness for early applications and engaging all stake holders.

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Tomasz MorawikTomasz Morawik
NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors

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Georg NikolajevskiGeorg Nikolajevski
SK ID Solutions AS

Mobile Identity without borders

Having more than 20 years of experience in developing electronic identity solutions and delivered already 3 generations of electronic identity, I will cover challenges of cross-country mobile e-identity deployment, advantages of such scheme for the businesses with examples of the use cases.

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Michael UrayMichael Uray

AI solutions to verify identity and country of origin

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Adam RossAdam Ross
cv cryptovision GmbH

How eID projects benefit regional communities

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Vincent GourmelenVincent Gourmelen
Linxens Group

The predominant role of the inlay in the protection of an identity document

The inner layer of an identity document (or inlay) plays a massive role in its construction. It protects the electronic chips and protect the antenna. What is less obvious is that the inlay can also play a predominant role in adding physical security features to fight against counterfeits and fraudulent attacks

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INFORMATION SYSTEM AUTHORITY (RIA EE). Mark Erlich - BUSSINES ARCHITECT. eID and e-Signatures in e-Service Life-cycle

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Rob HaslamRob Haslam

Secure Digital ID as an Innovative Tool for Daily Online and Offline Operations and Today's Reality

In anticipation of global trends, TECH5 designed and developed an innovative form of secure digital credential - T5-Digital ID. During the presentation we will talk about our approach for creating a digital ID solution with totally offline authentication that allows the binding of an identity to its holder biometrically. Furthermore, concerns over inclusion mean that the platform has been designed such that the resulting credential can be used in purely digital format, such as on a smartphone, or in physical, printed form for those who do not have, or cannot use, such devices, but with the same biometric verification capability.

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Dilnesaw Israel (PhD Candidate)Dilnesaw Israel (PhD Candidate)
Ethiopian Prime Ministers Office

African Challenges of Digital ID

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Ruud van LeeuwenRuud van Leeuwen
Gemeente Amsterdam Politie

The latest forgeries which were seized in Holland, specially the ID documents which are “overprinted”

15:20 - 15:40

Venice Police Dep.t (Italy). Marco Boscolo, Istruttore capo - head of Forensic Investigation Unit

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10:20 - 10:40
Richard LewingtonRichard Lewington
University of Cambridge & Blockchain International Training

Blockchain international training Cambridge University

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Francis DeschrijvereFrancis Deschrijvere

EU collaboration to ensure the identity of our passengers

Apart from the photography used to do facial recognition, more and more States incorporate other biometric data in their travel and identity documents. The speaker will explain how the Member States collaborate to positively authenticate cross-border passengers without compromising privacy and data protection.

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